Web sites

Realization stages from A to Z

  • preparation
  • gathering the necessary information
  • concept building
  • vision building
  • include a company identity: style, logotype, colors and ...
  • realization
  • test
  • publication in internet
  • registration in world web search engine (google, yahoo...)


The price of each individual project is different and depends on the following criteria:

  • Number of sub-pages
  • Size of the website
  • Server disk space occupied
  • Use of free server or another solution (com, net, org, info, bg, etc.)
  • Size of monthly traffic (You will need higher traffic if you expect higher visitor rate or you have a rich article gallery.)
  • Number of sub-domains needed (travel.mycompany.com ...)
  • Number of mail boxes needed
    (smith@mycompany.com, office@mycompany.com ...)
  • Availability of MySQL database
  • Specific program provision (PHP, CGI, others)
  • Need of control panel
  • Use of design team services, artistic photography, etc.
  • others

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